Take My Advice

My pearls of wisdom for the day.

If you have to install a carseat, have it inspected to make sure it’s put in correctly.

First of all, let me make it clear that I love my husband dearly. He’s no Mike Holmes or Ty Pennington, but he’s handy enough. Even though I’ve successfully put book shelves together and used a hammer, I let him do all the big things. He does have the requisite toolbox that reaffirms his manhood. What is it about tools that makes men revert to their knuckle-dragging, chest-beating Neanderthal origins?

Anyway, when it came time to put in our son’s new carseat, I didn’t even think twice. Of course my husband would do it. I had no doubt that he would be able to put in correctly. Well…..

First of all, he put in front-facing. That did not seem right to me. We argued back and forth but to no avail. So, he went to the fire station beside us to get it inspected.

When he finally came home, he said “How much do you love me? And, how much do you love it when I’m wrong?”.

He had indeed installed the seat incorrectly. VINDICATION! Phew!

Not only was it supposed to be rear-facing, it had to be moved from the centre of the backseat to behind the front passenger seat. Due to our car’s design, this configuration was better apparently safer. Oops!


So, with all that figured out I thought we were in the clear. Then, my husband dropped a bombshell. The one-piece suit we have for our son is not safe. What?

My son does have a jacket. But, sometimes when we’re doing just quick jaunts I put him in this suit. I don’t have to layer him up (just a t-shirt and track pants is fine) because this thing is really warm. Plus, he looks like a really cute starfish. But this is wrong. Argh!

These one-piece suits are not recommended because their thickness doesn’t allow the straps of the carseat to fit over the baby correctly and thus minimizing their protection as a result.

Babies should not wear snowsuits in carseats.


I knew this. I knew this when we first took him home from the hospital after he was born. My midwife told me to just have a blanket to put over him. I don’t know why I thought that it change when he got older.

I am the worst mother ever.

Just when I thought that I was protecting him from harm, I find out that I’ve been endangering his life. AHHHHHHH!

So, now I know better and pass this info onto you.


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3 Responses to Take My Advice

  1. Matt says:

    Haha no, you’re not a bad mother! ;)

    Hey, your husband made a mistake, then you found out you did as well. Now you probably made him feel a bit better, right? There’s always a bright side – your baby didn’t get harmed!

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