Rolling, Rolling, Rolling


Every so often, I come across blogs about how to increase the number of viewers to your site. For some, generating traffic and increasing that stats counter is important. For others, it’s about getting their voice heard and ecpressing their creativity.

I’m not sure what I wanted when I started this blog. I still have no real clue as to what it’s about. I find myself flipping back and forth between ragging about the world at large and musing about motherhood. I’ll write posts that are snarky and critical; funny and reflective; relevant and current; inane and self-indulgent.

I can’t make up my mind.

I did have a half-baked idea of making this blog about the realities , joys, and pitfalls of being a new mother. But, I’ve also written about celebrities, reality shows, life, family, shopping, and books. I’ve crucified certain individuals and lauded others. I’ve contradicted myself a few times. I’ve made some heart-felt posts and phoned in a few.

Despite the many faces of this blog, people do read it. The evidence is in the comments that have been made.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

All of us need some sort of validation – for what they do, what they are, and who they are. I guess this blog or “thing” means that I too have a voice that others don’t mind hearing once in awhile.

I might have mentioned before that I don’t do a lot to promote this blog. I don’t mention it on my Facebook and most of my friends don’t even know about it.

That may change. Slowly.

First off, I’m going to trying this AlphaInventions thing that I keep reading about. It’s meant to generate more traffic to your site. I have noticed a definite increase so it’s working. I even got a lovely comment from Vicky. Hope you don’t mind the shout-out.

The journey continues.



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