We’re In A World Of S**t Now


I give up. This world is really going down the s**thole.

It’s bad enough that we have a woman with an Angelina Jolie complex who has deluded herself into thinking that she can give birth to a litter on the taxpayers’ dime.

It’s bad enough that we have  entertainers  (honestly, really just kids) involved on a violent domestic dispute in the public eye, a singer getting caught on camera doing an ignorant and potentially racist gesture, and an athlete caught doing drugs. These people are role models but have made some really poor (understatement!) choices.

It’s bad enough that our economy is tanking and our government is ineffective.

It’s bad enough that we have people doing bad things to one another on a planet that is too small and fragile to support our ever growing brood.

Now, we have a 13 year boy becoming a father!

What, what, what?

Here’s the link: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/article2233878.ece


Get me off this planet. I’m done.

Don’t even get me started on Tatiana del Toro making the Top 36 on American Idol.



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4 Responses to We’re In A World Of S**t Now

  1. Evenshine says:

    UGHHHH Tatiana del Toro. I was burying my head in a pillow when that happened.
    And 13? It’s what happens when sex becomes so readily available and consequence-free that kids will do whatever they want, whenever they want. I’m giving my kids to a monastery.
    I’m with ya. Let me off the ride, I’m starting to get sick.

  2. myra36 says:

    Yeah, kids are exposed to so much these days. When I was 13, I found out about sex by reading a book. Lol. When my friend’s stepson turned 15, she gave a box of condoms to keep at his bedside table. She told him that if he knocked someone up or got a VD, he was on his own. Tough love. But, I think sheltering kids is more problematic. Did you see the picture of the kid though? Doesn’t look like he hit puberty yet. I’d ask for a paternity test.

  3. darkeve says:

    I read that article last week and I was shocked. It’s funny I thought I should give you the link but totally forgot. It’s terrible and people are talking about it as if it’s cool? or something.. The morning I read this, I felt sick. It’s disturbing and the photos of the boy, he’s just a kid.. a litte boy.. unbelievable!

  4. myra36 says:

    it’s completely crazy. this is what happens when parents are complacent. oh sure, they’re saying that the schools are not doing enough to provide sex education. but, i think parents should be somewhat held accountable.

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