Go Mommy Go!

I’ve always admired Salma Hayek. She’s beautiful, funny, talented, and intelligent. In a sea of botoxed Hollywood phonies, Salma is refreshingly endearing and down-to-earth. Then, I saw this story:


(WARNING: As much as this footage is inspirational, it is also heart-breaking. Unfortunately, there is a death of an infant who did not receive help in time.)

SALMA HAYEK'S NEW DAUGHTERSalma is absolutely amazing! How many times do we see pictures of celebrities with their kids in $1000 strollers and nannies? All you cynics out there may dismiss this as another photo opportunity. But, anyone who has seen Salma in interviews gets a feeling that she is genuine. She wasn’t being a star in Africa. She was being a concerned mother.

Can we now stop paying attention to those other stars who do nothing but party, go shopping, and show off their crotches? They are simply not worth our time and money. I hope other parents have enough sense to make sure that their children never look up to these self-professed “role models”. They are evil and cancerous. As much as society loves a train wreck, we need to MOVE ON!

Salma Hayek is my new hero. Yay, mommy power!


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