5 Best Books/Movies/TV Series In My Lifetime

Here is the latest edition to my “10 Lists To Make Before You Die” series.


I swear these things get harder and harder. I was originally going to do three separate lists – “5 Best Movies”, “5 Best Books”, “5 Best TV Shows. But, my head started to hurt. I found it either too difficult to narrow it down or too difficult to recall. But, that’s my fault for partying too much at university. Oh well. Plus, there are just too many things that I haven’t discovered yet. It would be more appropriate to call this list my “5 Favourite Books/Movies/TV Series”. Anyway, here we go:

5 Best Books/Movies/TV Shows In My Lifetime

1) Pride and Prejudice – I first read this in high school. This type of literature is usually not my cup of tea. But, I really enjoyed it. It is a love story, romantic comedy, and social commentary all rolled into one. The themes of prejudging one’s character based upon social standing and being forced to choose practicality over true love still ring true today. I still come back to this book time and time again. If you hate reading (although you should give this a try as Jane Austen was a great writer), you can watch the movie adaptation. Both the 1940 version with Olivier and the A & E miniseries are great. But, honestly, just pick up the damn book!

2) The Breakfast ClubJohn Hughes somehow was able to capture the angst, innocence, frustration, and ennui of teenagers in the 80’s. Although I also loved “Sixteen Candles” and “Pretty In Pink”, this movie really made me laugh, cry, and cheer out loud. The characters were REAL – not impossibly gorgeous, unrealistically wealthy, or inexplicably ripped. I related so strongly because I felt that parts of my life were portrayed in a real and honest way. Albeit with better clothes and a kickass soundtrack. We need more movies like this now.

3) Star Trek – The Next Generation – I did watch the original series in the 70’s but found it to be a bit cheesy at the time. However, William Shatner’s performance makes total sense if you pretend that it’s a Shakespearean play. Anyway, it wasn’t until TNG came out that I became a fan of the Star Trek lexicon. It made me realize, however, that I was a geek and subject to ridicule. Nevertheless, I loved the characters (especially Data) and morality tales. I hope the new movie coming out restores that lustre and relevance that was lost over the years. By the way, I’m a Trekker not a Trekkie.

4) Dogma – I love Kevin Smith. He has such a way with words. His dialogue is smart, funny, and crackles like Rice Crispies. I found that his view of religion was similar to my own. I hate how beliefs can be too rigid and unyielding. Too many evil and misguided things are carried out in the name of God, Yahweh, or Allah. This movie made me think, question my faith, and laugh about being Catholic.

5) The Simpsons – What can I say about the longest running animated series? This show does a great job of satirizing many aspects of family, culture, and society. When it came out, I thought that this was the smartest and funniest thing on TV in a long time. It may have lost a bit of its bite lately. But, it still is better than a lot of the crap (ie. MTV) that’s on the tube nowadays. D’oh!


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6 Responses to 5 Best Books/Movies/TV Series In My Lifetime

  1. Breakfast club was pure gold!

  2. newman says:

    nice read, may have to make a list too


  3. myra36 says:

    thanks for dropping by guys!

    cinema hub – agreed!

    newman – look forward to seeing your list!

  4. livinginbombay says:

    breakfast club (and clueless) are up there on my list of favourite teen flicks.
    dogma was awesome – but then i loved clerks 2 too so the bar for kevin smith movies is clearly not v high :)

  5. Enestessy says:

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    тайна фамилии узнать бесплатно трубникова

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