I Love You Mary Jane

So, Michael Phelps has been caught taking a hit off a bong. Big frickin’ deal! In the realm of bad things to do, this is pretty tame. He’s pulled a mea culpa and apologized of course. But, I don’t think he’s sorry that he did it. I think he’s sorry that he got caught. You would think that he would know better. After all, cameras have been following him around since the Olympics. But then, your judgement does get a little impaired after having some Mary Jane. A word of advice Michael – do that s**t in the privacy of your own home!

All those people saying that he is no longer a good role model should take a step back. He really wasn’t one to begin with. No one batted an eye when he was out partying and drinking. In fact, he was charged with a DUI five years ago in Maryland. But, when you’re young and have money, you’re bound to mess up a few times. I don’t envy anyone having to grow up and sow their wild oats in the public eye.

This all has been blown way out of proportion. It is only ganja. Some have smoked up and gone on to become presidents for God’s sake. It’s not like it was meth or crack. What’s the worst that you can do when you’re high? Tell everyone that you love them and eat fried PB and banana sandwiches. The world might be a better place if we all took a hit.

Yes, some people might be chronic users of weed. I’m not condoning that. However, we need to leave this guy alone. Michael has done it once (yeah right!) and he’s really, really, really sorry. Isn’t there real news out there? How about that Miley Cyrus?

Michael is still undecided about the 2012 Olympics. Apparently, “Bong Gate” is getting to him. I think he should compete. If a pothead can make it to the Oval Office, surely one can win some medals.



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3 Responses to I Love You Mary Jane

  1. darkeve says:

    I felt sorry for him too! What is wrong with everyone? Seriously!

    I know this is kind of a differen story, but it kind of reminded me of Heath Ledger and the rumors and the slandering after he was found dead and people actually wondering if he committed suicide for some time. The reason I felt bad about it is that I’m using the same sleping pills he did and I know how it is to take more to be able to sleep. I don’t wanna kill myself or anything, but I take one and it doesnt work and I take another one and I’m still wide awake. I try other things which is basically what happened with the poor guy. I don’t mix them with anything else now and I take things seriously, but I hate the way people blow things out of proportion and make it sound like everyone else is crazy for not doing things their own way.

    That was probably incoherent, but I was frustrated with the whole Phelps situation!

  2. myra36 says:

    Oh, it wasn’t incoherent at all. I hear you. People need to move on!

  3. Richard says:

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