Stop The Madness!


I shouldn’t care. I shouldn’t pay any more attention to this story. It has no bearing on my life. Talking about it simply adds more fuel to the fire. But, I can’t help it. I am absolutely mortified.

This deluded, loony, poor excuse of a mother must be stopped. Who am I raving about? Nadya Suleman. Who? The crazy chick in California who just had octuplets.

OK, now it’s come out that she isn’t even infertile. She had fertility treatment because she’s just obsessed with having babies. Seriously? Who was the quack that implanted the embryos on the first place? Why hasn’t she had an intervention?

She is now pimping herself out to the highest bidder. Oprah, Diane Sawyer, and Katie Couric are all vying for that penultimate first interview. Apparently, she is seeking $2 million for selling her story.

Granted, she needs the money to support her brood. But, this is twisted, misguided, and exploitative.

But can we stop it? If we don’t send donations and offer her deals, her children will undoubtedly suffer. How else would she be able to provide for them? Other people’s tax dollars? At the same time, if we cater to her, she will never learn the consequences of her actions. She won’t understand that she must be held accountable for the decisions that affect her children.

The money that she will eventually get will be enough to put a roof over their heads and clothing on their backs (for a little while at least). But, I doubt that it will give the children the love, stability, and attention that they need. This woman is selfish and disturbed. There’s an emptiness that she feels can only be filled a baby’s love. Unfortunately, it appears that once that child is no longer an infant she becomes pregnant again. It’s a vicious cycle. She looks after her own needs while neglecting the needs of her children.

What scares me is that if she’s successful in making money off of her family, how many women are going to do the same thing? How long before someone bribes a doctor into implanting nine embryos? Or ten? That would make eight seem so unhip.

It seems that anybody can be a celebrity nowadays. Some people would do just about anything to get onto television. Even if it ends up hurting those closest to them and causing irreparable damage.

We need to stop rubbernecking. We need to stop paying attention to this certifiable loon. It pains me, however, that the children have to be the ones that suffer. Someone please take them away from this nutcase.


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