I’ve been wrestling with the idea of going back to work once my maternity leave is officially over in March. My husband and I have discussed it at great length. We’ve decided not to put our son in daycare. It’s not worth the expense. Quite frankly, I wasn’t crazy about the idea of my baby running around with other snot-nosed kids with grubby hands. Don’t get me wrong. I love kids. Well, maybe not other peoples’ kids.

Financially, I don’t really need to work. It would be tight. But, since this economic downturn, we’ve made lots of sacrifices already. A few more won’t hurt us. But, I think for my own mental state, I need to work if only part time. As much as I love being with my son, I do miss that interaction with others. However, it being retail, I may change my mind after a couple of weeks.

So, I went to my workplace to speak to my manager and fill out the requisite paperwork. As I was catching up with my co-workers, the office admin informed me that I had 27 vacation days to use up from 2008. Boo-yah! I had completely forgotten about that. Even I wasn’t technically working, I was still an employee and, therefore, had accrued  vacation  time. So, I don’t have to go back to work until April! Happy, happy!  Joy, joy!

That’s just great. The whole weaning off the boob and sippy cup thing wasn’t working out yet. I still have another month to train my son. Whew!



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