If you’re like me, you try to spend a couple of hours a day on your blog. You log in, check your stats, try to squeeze a post out, and look through your Readomattic or Tag Surfer to see if anything there tickles your fancy. If you spot a blog of possible interest, you click on it, and read. Sometimes you move on. Other times you leave a comment.

What happens if that particular blogger doesn’t like what you have to say? Is it fair for them to delete your comment? Or do you think that they should leave it on their post since everyone is entitled to their opinion? Of course I’m not talking about derogatory, racist, or ignorant statements here. Those should be removed as they have no place in the blogosphere as far as I’m concerned. I don’t condone personal attacks either. But, if you state an opinion in a post and someone disagrees with it, are you going to remove their comment from your blog?

Let me explain. I recently posted a comment on someone’s blog. I will not describe the post or provide a link. I will say that this person was obviously upset and vented. You did not have to be a psychologist to realize that this person was frustrated and angry. Usually, if I read a post that seems to be a bit of a rant, I take it with a grain of salt. But, there were elements in this post that had me very concerned. Other parts made me go, “WTF?”.

I admit that my opening line in the comment may have seemed a bit sarcastic. Not one of my shining moments. I realize now that it was a bit insensitive. It was my response to one of the things in her post that made me go, “WTF?”. Oh well. But, I’m a sarcastic person by nature and I did apologize later for it. The thing I hate about blogging and text messaging in general is that any emotional nuances and inflections don’t come through. The true meaning and intent behind your words may be lost. Sometimes readers only see what they want to see. It doesn’t help when you’re in a bit of a rush. I do have only a small window of opportunity to get my computer stuff, cleaning, cooking, and general decompressing done before baby wakes up from his nap. Oh yeah, I have to get a shower in there too! As long as there are no typos or obvious grammatical errors, I’m OK. My intent in the comment was to show that she wasn’t alone and that I sincerely hoped that she had support. I related my own experiences to show that I sympathized with her situation and added that I wished her all the best.

I guess I wasn’t clear. Sigh.

She emailed me back and told me that it was none of my business to say what I had said (hello? it’s called free speech). She said that she was allowed to vent on her blog (I never said that it wasn’t her right to do so) and that I shouldn’t judge her (I merely stated an opinion). I checked her blog and saw that my comment wasn’t on her post.

OK, my understanding is that blogging is a public forum. You say what you have to say for people to see. You put out a blog to encourage a sharing of ideas. You hope for and welcome any feedback – positive or negative. If you didn’t want to hear what others have to say about what you think, you should :

1) Make your post private.

2) Disable comments.

3) Don’t write a blog. Keep a journal or diary instead.

I think that if you put yourself out there, you have to expect that people will judge you. It’s human nature. Not everyone is going to bother leaving a comment to let you know what they think. Am I crazy?

We’ve since exchanged a couple of emails and all seems good now. However, I would still like some feedback. What do you think? Do you think it’s OK to remove comments from your blog if you don’t agree with what has been said?



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4 Responses to WTF?

  1. darkeve says:

    You already know my opinion!

    I agree with everything you said upthere :)

    P.s. I haven’t been here for days so I’ll spend a while reading today :)

  2. myra36 says:

    hey! thanks for stopping by. hope you are taking care of yourself. chat with you soon. :)

  3. gwr00001 says:

    100% with you there

  4. myra36 says:

    thanks for dropping by gwr00001!

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