Divas Are Mommies Too!

I watched an episode of “Kimora Lee: Life in the Fab Lane” last night. Normally, I really couldn’t care less about celebrities. I admit that I do have my crushes. Hello Orlando, R-Pat, and Gerard! But, on the whole, I don’t really follow any of that crap. However, I found myself sucked into this show. Kimora Lee is a bit of a diva. But, as my friends would say, she’s FIERCE! However, something happened on the show that made me see her in a new light.

kimora_baby-phat-fall-08Her eldest daughter, Ming Lee, wanted her hair blown out (her hair is naturally curly) for mommy’s upcoming fashion show. It doesn’t seem like a big deal. But, Ming is only eight. I’m of the school that doesn’t believe children should be subjected to intense hair styling. But, to each his own. Anyway, during the blowout, Kimora became very emotional. At first I thought that she was putting on a show for the cameras. Maybe she was but the tears seemed all too real. For her, seeing her daughter getting her hair done meant that she was growing up – quickly. Kimora revealed that she herself was thirteen was she had her hair blown out. She realized that her daughter was no longer her little baby and that soon she’ll be entering adulthood.

Granted, Ming Lee probably gets exposed to a lot more than other kids her age due to the fact that her mother is part of that celebrity cycle. But, I realized that Kimora – with her jet-set lifestyle, fashion empire, team of assistants, and fabulous wardrobe – has the same fear of letting go which all mothers face.

Seeing Kimora overcome with the knowledge that her baby was growing up made me relate to her. I too get emotional when my baby reaches new milestones. Because with each new milestone, he becomes more independent. First, he was crawling. Then, he was cruising. Soon, he’ll be walking, running, going to school, and hanging out with friends. He’ll need me less and less.

Children grow up so quickly. I’m doing all that I can just to hang on.


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