3 Best Things I Ever Made

Here is my second of those 10 lists:


This was actually pretty difficult for some reason. I guess I’m not very creative. Sigh. I’m going to have a hell of a time trying to get out the other eight lists!

3 Best Things I Ever Made

lecture11) University – This is a bit of semantics. Obviously, I didn’t make a university. Rather, I made it to university. But, this is my blog. My rules. He, he. Anyway, I’m actually proud of the fact that I got a post-secondary education. I have done absolutely nothing with my degree but  it does make my parents proud. After all, they came to Canada with very little and were able to send all four kids to school. Plus, I like the being able to put BSc after my name. If you recall, I also met my husband at university. Double sweet!

wedding2) Speech at my sister’s wedding – I hate public speaking. People have told me that I generally speak well in front of a group. But, it’s definitely something that I prefer not to do. I hate the attention. Nevertheless, I was thrilled when my sister asked me to be her Matron of Honour. Until  I realized that the job required a speech on the big day. Sigh. As a habitual procrastinator, I left it until the last minute. The night before, I downed a stiff drink and wrote from the heart. Aside from a few grammatical edits, I pretty much nailed it in one shot. Seeking assurance, I showed it to my husband. When I saw the tear in his eye, I knew that I was golden. At the wedding, I could barely get through it without breaking down. My family isn’t very emotional and we don’t express ourselves very often. But that day, me, my sister, and my new brother-in-law  sobbed happily.

babybook3) My son’s scrapbook – One thing that I regret not doing during my pregnancy was take pictures of my expanding belly. So, after my son’s birth I was determined to document as much of his life as possible. There’s something very Zen-like about cutting out little pieces of paper and placing photos on a page just so. It takes me a while to get one page done since I’m a perfectionist. But, I’m getting better. I’m on a second book now as a matter of fact. Another twenty or so to go!


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2 Responses to 3 Best Things I Ever Made

  1. darkeve says:

    I like the BSc part, never used it after my name though, it’s about time to start doin that, haha..

    I’m proud of that as well, it kind of makes you feel that you accomplished something before being 30. I wasn’t that into school though, I only realized how important it was when I was done with it.

    YAAY!! Public speakin is not my thing either. It’s just not my thing.

    I got this little rice book with glittery stuf on the cover which is made of silver silk btw.. haha sorry just had to say that.. and im thinkin of writing maybe quotes and advice for my niece so that when she grows up she’ll know she had a genius aunt haha, but readin this kind of made me think of pritin her pics out and puttin them inthere, which do you think is better? it’s tiny though(10×7)cm, i doubt it’s as big as yours.

  2. myra36 says:

    MMm, why not do both? I love the idea of the quote book. I’m sure that she would love those little pearls of wisdom when she’s older. I would even write down important dates or events that you were a witness to (say, the inauguration)and just what you were doing or thinking about when it happened. This whole idea of documentation has become so important to me – especially now that I have someone to pass it along to. It sucks that memory becomes selective and convoluted as we get older.

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