Girl Power (Zigazig Ah!)

I just had lunch today with some old friends from high school. We all had lost touch after graduation and magically found each other via Facebook. Say what you will, but I love Facebook! We hadn’t seen in other in about 18 years, so it was wonderful to catch up.

What was really great was how our lives turned out. Some found success academically and in their careers. A couple of us had experienced really great lows but found the strength to persevere. But, we were also all coincidentally mothers.

Yay, all-girl high school! If I have a daughter, I hope that I am able to send her to an all-girl school. The friendships and experiences that I had there were truly special. I don’t think that I would have gained as much if I had gone to a co-ed school. I’m not against co-educational schools. More power to you if you went. In fact, my siblings attended a co-ed school. But it was the best choice for me. I just thought that it seemed more freer and less competitive. He, he. No competition amongst girls? I can admit it. Girls can be bitches. But, I think that because there were no guys and uniforms were required (yes, it was a CATHOLIC ALL-GIRL SCHOOL!), there was none of that pressure to look the best (or sexiest) in order to gain attention. We competed against one another academically and athletically. There were no boundaries to hold us back. We were also allowed to be ourselves.

It had been a while since any of us had done an all-girl thing without the kids. We giggled like schoolgirls again. We shared baby horror stories, complained about our husbands, and reminisced about old times. It felt good knowing that even though we were apart, that bond we created back in high school was still there.

It made me wonder about the differences between female-bonding and male-bonding.

Let’s face it. Men and women do different things when they get together. Females talk and share feelings. Actually, VENT is more accurate. Guys will do something physical like play hockey or golf – almost anything that will prevent them from opening up to one another.

Either way, it’s important to have that outlet. During my mat leave, I’ve almost isolated myself with my son and husband. It certainly doesn’t help that it’s winter. I’m not saying that it’s bad thing. But, it’s time that I get out there and reconnect with other women. Girl power!



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