Pass The Bottle

I found this quote:

A bottle of wine contains more philosophy than all the books in the world – Louis Pasteur

I love wine. I love books. I love the two together. I also love how this quote can be interpreted. At first glance, one might say that if you drink a lot of wine, you are a great, great philosopher. Wonderful! Aristotle ain’t got nothing on me. Another way to look at it would be to think about what happens with that bottle of wine. Have you noticed what rich and deep conversations come about when friends share a bottle of wine? Or several bottles? Do you remember? He, he. Tongues are loosened and laughter flows. Ideas are shared, memories relived, and opinions are pitted against one another. If you have any brain cells left, you’ll find yourself saying months (or years) later –  “Hey, remember that night we just sat around talking and drinking wine? That was great. We just talked about everything.”

Anyway, that’s what comes to my mind when I read this quote.

What do you think?



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3 Responses to Pass The Bottle

  1. LOL, this is great! I am a huge lover of wine and its history! I Love your site!! Please come visit mine at or add me as a friend to your myspace… The Wreath Connection Last name…. Connection. I Hope to see you there!

  2. Ena Pang says:

    That is so true, wine does make conversations and laughter flow, me and my husband always have a glass of wine after dinner, we share our feelings and opinions towards everything.

  3. myra36 says:

    Thanks for dropping by Ena! We always have a bottle in our house. That ritual of sharing a glass is so important for bonding and relaxation. With a baby, those peaceful moments can be few and far between.

    Take care! :)

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