They Look Cute But….


gabriella_rebornHave you seen these? They’re incredibly lifelike dolls. I mean really lifelike – down to the baby acne and tiny blood vessels in their skin! I first heard about these over the summer. I read an article about policemen in Australia who smashed through a car window to rescue what appeared to be an unconscious infant. It turned out to be a reborn doll. I don’t know about you but that would freak me out. Imagine it. You think you’re rescuing a dying baby and it turns out to be fake. AAAH!

To collect dolls is one thing. But to treat these dolls as real people is another. And, some women do – going as far asgrace_reborn taking them out in a stroller, buying baby clothes, and changing their diapers. I understand why people would become attached to these things. Obviously, something is missing in their lives. Studies have shown that endorphins (those feel-good brain chemicals) are released when cuddling a real baby. I imagine something similar would occur to a woman holding a fake baby.

anya_rebornI can’t be too critical. I am a mother with a real baby. Some of these collectors have chosen not to have children themselves or are unable to have any due to financial or biological circumstances. However, it is a little disconcerting to have such a maternal instinct for an inanimate object. I can’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t be better to direct that energy and expense towards the living. Filling that emotional void doesn’t have to be with a baby. What about getting a pet? Or volunteering your time to help those who are terminally ill? Nurturing can take many forms.

Look, I’m not hating. These dolls are beautifully crafted. The people who make them are true artisans. And, they can serve as therapeutic and educational aids at hospitals. But, I look at these dolls and I find them creepy. Okay, creepy is a little harsh. I guess I’ll never understand.


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2 Responses to They Look Cute But….

  1. babysis says:

    wow you sure those in the photos aint real babies? Its kinda creepy.

    • myra36 says:

      I got the pics off some reborn website. So, I think they’re really dolls. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that they’re creepy. But, a lot of people are into them. To each his own.

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