Be Back When It’s Dark

play1Remember playing? Back in the day, my friends and I would go outside to play. Our parents told us, “Be home in time for dinner”. And off we went. They didn’t know where we were or what we were doing. We had no cell phones to call if there was a problem. We just PLAYED. Mind you, when I was younger, lawn darts was a kids’ toy. Natural selection?

Kids these days are seriously missing out. Oh sure, Guitar Hero is oodles of fun. Hey, I LIKE the Wii. I really want one. Hello, hubby? But just going out into the great outdoors, soaking up that sunshine, and breathing in all that fresh air (not so much in the city but you know what I mean) is priceless. It’s healthy. It makes you appreciate nature. It makes you a kid.

So what happened? Are we more violent? Or do we just hear about it more and quicker? Are there really more pedophiles now? Or are we just paranoid? I don’t know.

It sucks. I want to teach my child independence. But, that may be hard if I coop him up indoors all the time. At the same time, I don’t think going out should involve a security detail.

My husband keeps hinting that we should move out of the city to go where he grew up (i.e. small town). That’s fine and dandy. But, I’m not a farmer. I don’t drive . What the heck would I do? Blog? Mmmmm…..

Plus, I kind of like my anonymity. I don’t want to be in a place where everybody knows one another. Does that make me anti-social? Or private?

There are advantages to living in a small town. There are advantages to living in the city. Maybe I can win the lottery. He’ll go to school in the city and spend the summers in the country. It’s a plan!


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7 Responses to Be Back When It’s Dark

  1. darkeve says:

    I agree with this “Plus, I kind of like my anonymity. I don’t want to be in a place where everybody knows one another.”

    I appreciate my privacy, obviously too much. So my treatment plan was to start a blog and write everything down and share it. Obviously with strangers or people who don’t know me because this is what I can afford at the moment.

    I grew up as an independent child, far more independent than most children. That was good. It made me kind of invincible. That would be hard to believe with all the breakdowns you read about, right?

    I love reading about your plans for your son, it makes motherhood kind of a little less complicated. You’re actually taking one step at a time.

    Best of luck Myra :)

  2. myra36 says:

    i grew up pretty independent too. i was one of those proverbial “latch-key kids”. i love how in the 70’s, parents let their kids fend for themselves. lol. i actually stopped reading those parenting books a long time ago. i figured using common sense was the best way to go.

    aren’t “breakdowns” normal? like computers, life doesn’t run smoothly. and there’s no operating manual.

  3. ldodson911 says:

    I don’t mind being in an area where I know people and know where everything is. But on the flip side, I want my privacy as well. I’m not in a small town. I live in the suburbs of a large metro area. A small enough suburb where I have the best of both worlds.

    I love video games as well, but I agree with you wholeheartedly about the fact that we do not spend enough time outside these days. I am by no means athletic, but I love the feel of the sunshine and the cool breeze on my face. I also love the peacefullness of outdoors. Living near the city, I heard road noise so much, that it is wonderful to not hear anything but the birds, bugs and an occassional far off cow moo.

    My son and husband are wrapped up in electronic and computer games so much that if I mention going to the lake or having an outdoor party, they look at my like I’m nuts.

  4. myra36 says:

    Thanks for stopping by ldodson911! We live in the ‘burbs as well. But we’re off a busy road that connects to the freeway and major highways. As well, we’re beside a fire department. So we might as well be downtown!

    My hubby makes fun of me all the time because growing up in the city, I didn’t get to see as many stars as he did due to the light pollution. Bugger!

  5. gerbilsandturtles says:

    We moved from a city to the country, and in someways it is great. We now have great views, a garden, chickens, grow our own veg and it will be a great place to bring up wholesome children. BUT you can’t underestimate how much you’ll miss the ability to pop to the local Spar for a pint of milk at 10pm (here you have to drive for about 8 miles), you definitely need a car and when the children are older you’ll be utterly relied on to constantly ferry them to their friends because they are so cut off.
    So there’s pros and cons, but we’re going to give it a try anyway!

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