Boxing Day Shopping? Don’t Do It Man!

I think this is the first Boxing Day that I’ve had off in about 10 years. But there’s no way I’m setting foot in a mall. Being in retail makes you realize just how foolhardy shopping on this day is. Stores just whip people up into bloodthirsty frenzy for bargains. It’s insanity. Granted, there are some pretty good deals to be found – especially in electronics. But, I can’t justify going to Best Buy to wait in line at 4 AM. My time is more precious than that.

What kills me are the lunatics that want to do refunds or exchanges on Boxing Day. Trust me, they do exist. They’re just a few slices short of a full pie. The smart stores outright ban returns/exchanges until the 28th or 29th. The masochists will do them for the sake of good customer service. However, I think this practice is detrimental to staff sanity and morale. Oh well.

If you are in retail and happen to work on Boxing Day (actually you would be working it no matter what), there is one good thing that does come out of it. All that craziness unites everyone as a team. Hey, laughing is better than crying. All the places I’ve worked at have always had pizza provided for the staff and a Swiss-like efficiency when it comes to taking breaks. In fact, one year all I did was carry around a watch and schedule to make sure everyone left the sales floor to take a much deserved breather.

Another good thing is that the day goes by really fast. You look up all of a sudden and it’s only an hour to closing. Sweet! Working the fitting rooms, however, can be hellish. I remember a customer who literally threw the clothes back at an associate. I suppose she was upset that nothing fit her fat ass. Try laying off the mashed potatoes hon.

So, I’m really going to enjoy this Boxing Day and do absolutely f–k all. I’ll take some pictures of my son with his new toys to post on Facebook, stuff my face with leftovers, and watch the Star Trek marathon.

Happy shopping! You’re all nuts.



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