Happy Ho-Ho Everyone!

Before I started this blog, I actually hadn’t read anyone else’s. I had heard about blogs and understood that they were somewhat a by-product of this digital age where nothing is sacred. I pooh-poohed them, considered them to be vain, pretentious, and vacuous. Why put your meandering diatribes online? Who cares about your son’s predilection for dressing up in heels and wanting to be called “Susan”? – which, by the way, at three is perfectly normal. Who cares about your socio-political views? Who wants to hear your by-the-ways and how-tos?

Well, considering that there are more than 169,096 bloggers on WordPress alone, a whole sh–load of people.

So, even though I initially approached this blog-thing with trepidation, I am so glad that I started this journey. I look forward to posting my thoughts online. I feel creative and expressive. Although I’m nowhere close to being A VIP, I am thankful for the few who have stopped by my blog. I am even more grateful to those who have posted comments. The feedback is much appreciated.

Happy holidays everyone! Be safe.



About myra36

parent, housewife, advocate, diva
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2 Responses to Happy Ho-Ho Everyone!

  1. darkeve says:

    Happy Holidays to you too myra :)

    I have enjoyed reading through your blog for the past few days.

    I believe that blogging in healthy sometimes.

  2. myra36 says:

    Thank you! I’ve enjoyed reading your blog too.

    Happy holidays!

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