Holiday Randomness

So I’m sitting here, with a glass of wine, waiting for inspiration to strike. Today’s events were less then stellar. I had to do a little grocery shopping and then hit the liquor store. My son didn’t add to his vocabulary today. My husband crashed at around 7 PM (you would think that he’s 65 or something – not that there’s anything wrong with that of course). And, cold wet snow came down. Unless a chinook blows in, we are having a white Christmas.

Two more sleeps until Christmas. Yes, I still do the countdown til Christmas in sleeps. It’s better than those silly Advent calendars with the chocolates. It’s always the most inane picture of a house or tree and really God-awful candy. As a kid though, you always ate the chocolate. And, you got crap from your mother for not opening each door one day at a time like you were supposed to.

So, I’m looking forward to this Christmas. It’s few hours of eating, catching up, laughing, and togetherness. Gifts are immaterial. They’re nice and all. But do they really matter? Well, it wouldn’t be politically correct to say that they did now, would it?

In today’s economic and social climate, extravagant gifts are no longer fashionable. If you do blow a month’s salary on that perfect gift, you are viewed like a pariah. You are a spiritual retard with the scruples of a Chia-Pet. People would say, “How can you justify that?”. If you want to one-up somebody, you have to give only the most eco-friendly, socially-conscious, and awe-inspiring gifts ever.

“Yes, I picked the bamboo to make this t-shirt. In fact, I grew the bamboo in my yard so I wouldn’t have such a large carbon footprint from all that overseas travel.”


I can honestly say that my gifts were chosen with thought and practicality on mind. Gift cards are not a cop-out. Say it with me – GIFT CARDS ARE NOT A COP-OUT. Why would I burden someone with the hell that comes with waiting in line at the store to return an unwanted or inappropriate gift? I can say, “My Christmas gift to you is shopping!”. Well, that’s a gift I would definitely enjoy.



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