Yo Momma!


I just read in the paper today about a reporter throwing his shoe at Dubya in Iraq. Now, I’ve been always apathetic when it comes to politics – especially American politics since I’m Canadian. It’s bad I know but I can’t help it. But I try not to complain about the government too much. I realize that I have no right to since I haven’t done anything to illicit change. I have to admit, though, American politicians are entertaining. Kinda like “Worst Accidents Caught On Tape” or “Jackass”.

Before he hurled his footwear, the reporter said “This is a farewell..you dog!”. Then he was pummeled by security. Dubya, in his infinite wisdom (?), made light of the situation by pointing out the shoe was a size 10. From what I can gather, in the Muslim world, throwing your shoes at someone is a sign of utter contempt – the ultimate insult. I suppose it’s like calling someone’s mother a whore. I wonder if someone enlightened Dubya after the incident?

There’s no doubt that this reporter’s feelings about the President are shared by many Iraqis. In joking about what happened, I believe Dubya belittled their frustration and resentment. But then, he’s not going to be President for much longer, is he? As Chris Rock said, “George Bush really doesn’t give a f—!”.

Hey Obama! I’m handing you a gazillion dollar debt, a useless war, and a nation’s tattered reputation. Good luck with that! I’ll be on the golf course.

I wonder how many times Obama has said “You motherf—-“?


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3 Responses to Yo Momma!

  1. andeeroo says:

    Consider the alternatives al-Zaidi passed up


  2. darkeve says:

    I have always been against the US foreign policy in the time of Bush. I still don’t agree with what Al Zaidi did. I know that some anti-Bush people think of Al Zaidi as a hero or something, but I’m not one of those I guess. It was just wrong.

  3. myra36 says:

    I’m not sure I agree or disagree with what he did. I understand it though. Sometimes anger and frustration build up to a point where you lose control and act irrationally. I do believe that he should be punished if the law was broken. He’s lucky in a way. Under Iraq’s old regime, he would have been shot on the spot.

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