I Heart Nerds Too! Really I Do

I just read this person’s blog:


In it, she writes about how her man is a WOW (“World of Warcraft”) nerd. I can totally relate. Now my man is not into WOW. But he’s plenty nerdy. He plays “Battlefield 2142” and is an admin on the “ATU Clan” website (from what I can gather, it’s a gaming network – I’ve stopped asking). He plays BF 2142 for hours on end. It’s a wonder that I can even get any posts up. But, every couple of months, I actually lose him for a few days to an even nerdier pastime. What is it?

Dungeons and Dragons

I know! The original RPG (at least I think it is). What ‘sup?

What makes him even more nerdy is that he and his buddies have been playing the same campaign for over 10 years. Craziness.

So every few months, the guys get together for a wife-free, beer-filled weekend of uber-geekdom. I don’t know if this is their idea of male-bonding or way of re-living their adolescence . However, I do commend them for managing to stay connected since everyone lives in different cities.

Thankfully my hubby’s geeky pursuits don’t completely consume him. He still helps out around the house and is a great father. Plus, he always makes sure that the fridge is stocked with wine before he goes away to conquer monsters.

I used to be embarrassed when I told people that my man did online gaming and played D&D. I don’t know why. I’m not completely nerd-free myself. Star Trek (TNG, natch!) and X-files are my guilty pleasures. There are far more nerds in the world than so-called “cool” people. Look at Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. They’ve influenced everything in our lives. Geeks rule the Earth.

I suppose my unfounded shame is because gaming is the epitome of nerdiness. But there are worse hobbies. I mean, he could go hunting. Yuck!



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One Response to I Heart Nerds Too! Really I Do

  1. darkeve says:

    hahaha!! I’m glad he’s not addicted or maybe he is?!! haha!! I love their way of “bonding” anyway.. with everyone bein busy and all it’s good to have some play time i guess!!

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