The List

I’m reading a book by Douglas Coupland called “The Gum Thief”. I like his work because I get it. I mean the dialogue between his characters reminds me of actual conversations I’ve had with my friends – heavy on the pop culture references and insane need to feel cool. Having been one of those Gen-Xers in the 90’s, I get the world weariness and coffee addiction . Here’s a line that caught my eye:

I’ve noticed that when you get older, you not only have a To-Do list but you could start making a Things-I-Used-To-Do list, too.

It got me thinking. What are some of the things that I used to do but stopped because I’ve gotten older? Let’s see:


1. skip

2. Cat’s Cradle

3. draw

4. hop

5. share my toys

6. make decisions by going ‘eeny-meeny-miney-moe’.

7. wear trucker caps and graffiti tees

8. tequila body shots

9. put my pennies in a piggy bank

10. say “NOT” after every sentence

11. know people’s phone numbers off by heart (damn you speed dial!)

12. write letters

13. have my picture taken at the bar and not worry about it showing up on Facebook

14. go to concerts

15. keep movie stubs as momentos

16. play piano

17. run through sprinklers

18. jump in puddles

19. eat peanut butter straight out of the jar (try then dipping it in sugar too – yum!)

20. stay up all night and go to work the next day

There’s A LOT more obviously, but I like the aesthetic of an even twenty. I should probably change the name of the list to: Things -I- Wish- I- Still- Did

Is that grammatically correct? Oh well.



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One Response to The List

  1. darkeve says:

    I used to do a bunch of those as well. Things change I guess and we can’t change back! I used to be a mjor fan of peanut butter myself and now it’s nutella I guess.

    I don’t write letters anymore (reason unknown)

    I won’t even dare touch a piano now. I can’t remember anything at all.

    Staying up all night won’t be the responsible thing to do anymore especially if you have an important meeting with important people (I never thought I’d say that :()

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