She’s No Friend Of Mine

Okay. I don’t like Jennifer Aniston. I’ve never have. I realize that it’s not fair of me to say that since I obviously don’t know her personally. She’s successful in what she does and she doesn’t seem to be hurting anyone. But I can’t stand her. I’m not a big fan of “Friends”. Her character “Rachel” was beyond pathetic – just marginally better than “Ross” (whine much?). Although, I have to admit I did cop out and get that “Rachel-do” back in the day. It looked fantastic. But, unless you had a Hollywood hair stylist at your disposal, it was hell to maintain. Overall, she’s not a bad actress. But, she just irks me. Maybe it’s her thin lips. I have a thing against thin lips. I know that’s unbalanced and irrational but we all have our quirks. I also don’t put milk on my cereal but that’s for another blog.

Should I feel sorry for her because she lost her man to Angelina Jolie? Somehow I don’t. I actually like Angelina. Hey, anyone that can go from incestuous Goth-punk to maternal Goodwill ambassador is definitely cooler and more interesting in my books. I consider Aniston to be very beige.

Well, she’s dating a younger man (John Mayer for those that don’t pay attention to the tabloids) and posed naked on the cover of GQ. Um, do I detect a pathetic sign of desperation borne out of a misguided need to feel relevant? Sorry, that was waaaay too wordy. But it’s like she’s saying, “Look at me! I’m still hot! I don’t need Brad. Angelina has nothing on me. I’m screwing a boy toy!”. I detect mid-life crisis. And, by the way, John Mayer is a douche-bag. He has gone on record saying that he only dates stupid chicks. Classy. I wouldn’t be thrilled to be getting Jessica Simpson’s sloppy seconds. Yes, I went there!

I have to point out that the timing of this cover is very suspect. After all, Brangelina are obviously very happy. They have successful careers, a great family life, and are recognized for their charity work. Me thinks this is Aniston’s attempt to steal their spotlight. How very Britney-Lindsay-Paris of her. Oh well. I hope she grows out of this phase. Seriously!



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4 Responses to She’s No Friend Of Mine

  1. darkeve says:

    That was harsh!! I like her I guess! But still I have a thing against thin lips as well!

  2. R!Ck says:

    Very harsh!

    The timing of this cover/magazine spread is not very suspect. It is to coincide with her new movie Marley and Me that came out on Christmas Day.

    Every celebrity does something like this when they have a big movie about to come out. Example: Brad Pitt on the cover and an exclusive interview in this month’s edition of Rolling Stone Magazine. Much of it is about his new movie: The Curious case of Benjamin Button, which I am not a huge Pitt fan BUT that movie looks too damn interesting not to watch!

    I agree, she’s looking for love in all the wrong places and John “Douche Bag” Mayer will probably not take her seriously and unfortunately down the road she will be another name he can check off his “celebrity list” of people he’s “done”.

  3. myra36 says:

    lol. I call it like I see it :)

  4. Jana J. Monji says:

    Too funny. I also thought her character Rachel was pathetic.

    Yes, it IS all about timing. Brad Pitt isn’t naked in a women’s magazine–if he was it would sell. He has better things to do like talk about New Orleans.

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