You Can Do It!

Sigh. Nothing like a hot cup of java. It’s much needed after a night of little sleep. My son, who has been a good sleeper, was beside himself last night. He got up at 3 AM, 4 AM, and then 5 AM. Fed? Check. Dry diaper? Check. Favourite toys? Check. A shot of whiskey? Mmmmm…not yet. Maybe when he’s one. Thankfully, he settled down long enough for his dad – who works nights – to take over at 8 AM.

My husband had to go over to his mother’s to help set up her new TV. Come with? Oh no. Need sleepy. Baby? Take him. Please. Feed? Do it. There. What? Me pack up food. You go.

I went back to bed and was able to sneak in a couple of hours before the boys came back. Success! He was fed fine. He laughed. He babbled. He showed off his crawling for Nana. He just needed some boob juice before a nap. Done.

My hubby was ecstatic. He had misgivings about taking the little bugger out by himself. What if he freaked out without his mama? Only a mother has the right touch. But, he was fine. He didn’t need me. What? My baby didn’t need me? No, it’s okay. It reminds me just how fast my son is growing up. And, my husband now feels empowered and not a poor substitute for mum. Oh sure, he can look after the baby when I’m in the other room. But, I’m the fallback if he starts to fuss. Now, there’s a sense of “Omigod! I can do this!” – the very same feeling I had the first time I nursed. It’s the feeling of, “Yes! I CAN take care of you!”. At the risk of sounding cliche (how do I get that accent over the “e”?), it’s the best feeling in the world.



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