A Formula For Shopping

I love Christmas. It’s one of the few times where my whole family can get together and drink. We don’t need an excuse, it’s just logistically difficult to get all of us in one place. As our clan expands exponentially, so does the shindig. Last year we set up three dining tables and had gifts threatening to spill out of the front door.



One of our traditions is to get (bribe) someone to dress up as Santa to distribute the presents. It’s fun for the little ones and makes for great Facebook fodder.

However, it is getting apparent that we have too much “stuff”, too many things that we’ll never use, and too much packaging . This year, I’ve told everyone that I’d prefer gift cards and gently-used (second-hand) clothing for my son. NO TOYS! My mother, the original pack rat, has even decreed that she doesn’t want any more “stuff”. She simply has no more room. We’re to get her tickets to the latest musical instead. That way, she doesn’t have any things “hanging around”. She’s so weird with her metaphors.

I just read someone’s blog about their formula for shopping. In deciding whether or not to purchase a certain item, you have to determine the CPW (cost per wear). For example, a bridesmaid dress has a high CPW because it’s usually more expensive than you want it to be and you can only wear it once . Similarly, children’s clothes also have a high CPW due to their exponential growth rate and ever fickle taste. Conversely, that little black dress will have a low CPW because, let’s face it, you will ALWAYS have an occasion (work, party, club, funeral) to wear a LBD.

I thought it was brilliant. I suppose you could apply the same formula to other things such as power tools and appliances. Except you would call it CPU or “cost per use”. That bread maker may be on sale but how many times are you really going to make fresh bread? A cordless drill is handy, but are you? If the answer is “yes”, you might be slightly delusional or Martha Stewart or Mike Holmes.

Well, I’m certainly looking forward to the holidays – especially since it’s my son’s first Christmas. But, I’m REALLY looking forward to the shopping afterwards. Cha-ching! Just gotta keep those handy formulas in mind!



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  1. your pics are awesome! :)

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