What Are They Smoking? And Can I Have Some?

There has been some debate regarding children and television. Having grown up watching the boob tube, I knew I was going to have my baby watch TV relatively early – monitored of course. My sister gave me some of her “Baby Einstein” DVDs. I’ve experienced how engaging and stimulating these DVDs are from babysitting my niece and nephew. In other words, “Baby Einstein” is crack cocaine for kids. No word of a lie – I pop a DVD in, sit my son down, and I have 20 minutes of free time. It’s just enough time for me to scarf some food down, check my email, and fold a load of laundry.

Sometimes, we’ll watch some shows on the “Treehouse” network together. Granted, most of them are a little outside his age group. But, he responds to the songs and actions. I don’t mind watching “Treehouse”. Most of the shows are fun and educational. I have to say that “Pocoyo” and “Backyardigans” absolutely rock! Both shows have kickass animation and are funny as hell. I think I enjoy them more than my son. Thanks to “Dora” and “Ni Hao Kai Lan”, I’ve learned a little Spanish and Chinese.

Some shows are truly inane. “Toopy & Binoo” and “Max & Ruby” come to mind. Seriously? “Toopy” looks like a cokehead with his bugged-out eyes and manic personality. And, “Ruby” is just a control freak.

Other shows are just bizarre. “In the Night Garden” is just too trippy. There’s “Upsy Daisy” pulling up her skirt, “Makka Pakka” washing stones, “Tombliboos” sipping their “pinky ponk” juice, “Pontipines” losing their kids, and “Iggle Piggle” skipping around with his blanket. They all go around the garden in either the “Ninky Nonk” or “Pinky Ponk”. WTF? Of course this show was created by the same people who came up with “Teletubbies”. I wonder if they just smoke up or freebase?

However, the show happens to come on right before my son’s bedtime. I hate to say it but he finds it captivating. He calms down and will sit entranced until I put him to bed. I suppose that’s the whole idea. It’s just so aggravating because it doesn’t make a lick of sense. Oh well, whatever works.



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