Liquor? Didn’t Even Know Her

martiniYesterday my friends and I got together to have our Christmas dinner. We decided to nix the gifts this year because we couldn’t come to an agreement as to how we were going to do it. Kris Kringle? Bring a generic one and swap? Gift cards in a hat? It was just drama we couldn’t handle.

We all met up at the restaurant I had actually suggested. Much to my chagrin, it was packed and they didn’t take reservations. Nuts. Hey, no one else had any ideas. Luckily, we were able to get tables for all sixteen of us. Unfortunately, they weren’t all together. We ended up in four tables of four in two different sections. Proper planning is not our forte obviously. But, the dollar- off martinis and 4 for $10 shooters quickly made things more festive. Drama immediately materialized as one of the boys decided to shout over to our table in an attempt to converse. My other friend proceeded to then bitch about his boyfriend who had decided to sit at another table without him, but it was just as well since he was seeing his ex on the side. Who needs to watch “Desperate Housewives”?

I have to give kudos to the restaurant staff for being so accommodating and patient with us. After all, my friends can be a handful sometimes. It’s never boring with them around!

We adjourned to someone’s condo for dessert and more drinks. A game of charades was started somehow. Myself and two others decided to remain the neutral party to keep time and score. We had to dub ourselves “The Judges” of course (with me being the “Paula” of the group). With our propensity to be competitive and dramatic with one another, the game was surprisingly well-played and fun. Whew.

Then, someone brought out “Scene It”. Fun game if you like shouting matches. Next time we’re keeping a neutral party to be “The Judges”.

After belatedly taking pictures to commemorate the event, we staggered home at the ungodly time of 3:30 am.

Those shooters are going to bite me in the ass.


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