We’re The Dancers

Well, I just have to say that last night’s episode of SYTYCD Canada was just fab-u-lous! Hanging out with my boys was even better though. Hors d’oeuvres and bubbly make for a good time. After dissecting each routine and gushing over the guys, we watched the Victoria’s Secret fashion show. Dancing and runway. What more could a housewife and gay men ask for? Insert gratuitous picture here:


It’s nice to get away from dirty diapers and drool for a little while. Although, I have to say that the guys are quite good with the baby. My son thinks they’re a hoot. I suspect though he must get bored hanging with mama all day. I can’t wait until my son is off the boob juice so I can hit the guys up for some babysitting.

One of my friends has expressed a desire to adopt a baby with a partner some day. I certainly hope that happens. I’m so appreciative of living in a place that doesn’t have to fight something as ludicrous as Prop 8. People are people. A good parent is a good parent. There are more pressing issues at hand than what goes on in the bedroom. But I hate ranting.

Let’s all look at the above picture again. Sigh.

I really can’t wait until Sunday’s results show.


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