Just Dance (It’s Gonna Be Okay)

Okay. I’m uber-excited about tonight. I’ve mentioned before about me and friends getting together to watch “So You Think You Can Dance Canada” every week. Well, it’s now down to the Top 4 and the finale is on Sunday (I know it’s weird. They usually have the results show on Thursdays but CTV is showing new “CSI” and “Grey’s Anatomy” instead. Boo!). I haven’t been this excited since I got tickets to see New Kids On the Block at the Skydome. And I’m not talking about the reunion show. Argh! I just dated myself.

I love SYTYCD!!!! It’s my guilty pleasure and, by far, my favourite of the reality shows out there (and there are far too many now). I’ve seen every single episode (well, US and Canada. I haven’t seen the Dutch version). Thank God for PVR. I haven’t seen any of the live shows. But, I’m on a couple of fan pages on Facebook and I read the chat forums. Just colour me nerd. I’m glad to say that my hubby is into the show too. Albeit, he’s not gaga over it like me but he does think that the girls are hot. Sigh.

My favourite dancer? Ooooh, it’s gotta be Nico Archambault. I love my husband….but DAMN! Watching him gets me all hot and bothered (or maybe I’m going through peri-menopause? Nah!). Yeah, I wish I was ten years younger. Now I feel like a dirty cougar lusting after younger guys. Double sigh.

I wish the guys could be here now. Mama needs a drink.



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