One More?

Okay, I’ve missed a couple of days. What happened?

Yesterday, the clan went to my sister’s place for her annual Christmas shin-dig. I would say that she’s the Martha Stewart in my family. Whenever, she throws a party she decorates and cooks for days in advance. She has her apps, food stations, designated play area for the kids, and parting gifts. Very Type A-personality and middle-child syndrome of her. But, it was fun – especially after I finished nursing my boy and I was able to finally have a glass of wine.


I always forget how incredibly loud it can be with lots of kids around (I think there were 11 on total). But, I do want to have more babies. I don’t want my son to be an “lonely only”. Mind you, my son has definitely spoiled me. He is almost too good. My pregnancy was uneventful – no morning sickness or cravings to speak of but I did develop an allergy to shellfish (weird). There were no problems with his labour. He slept through the night at four months. He never had colic, took to the breast fine, isn’t a fussy eater, and is generally well-behaved. It makes me worry that the next one will turn out to be like Damien – or even worse, Britney Spears.

But, we shall try in a couple of years. At least, that’s the plan anyway.


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