I Think I Can Dance


I’ve just said goodbye to my “boyfriends” (They’re boys and they’re friends. ‘Nuff said). We just saw “So You Think You Can Dance Canada”. We’ve been getting together to watch the show every week for a while now. It’s too much fun! We crack open a few bottles of bubbly (It’s not champagne exactly because it’s not French. It’s still good though and gives a good buzz.) and rhapsodize about the guys’ bodies and bitch about the host. I look forward to these get-togethers so much because I can kick back and leave my parental persona behind for awhile.

Let me explain. I have two sets of friends – those with kids and those without. Let’s face it. Those without kids are lot more fun. We can let loose and party a little. We talk about movies, music, and Brangelina. When I’m around other parents though, conversations always drift towards schooling, discipline, and bodily functions. Fun.

Don’t get me wrong. I LOOOOVE being a mother. There was a time when I thought it would never happen – only because I was enjoying a certain lifestyle too much. But when it happened, I didn’t look back (after the initial shock of course). I didn’t just embrace it, I ran after it and gave it the biggest bear hug I could. Sure I get tired and frustrated. Who wouldn’t? But I would not change it for the world.

I believe every parent needs a release. Despite all the emotional gratification parenting can bring, children can be challenging and draining. My escape happens to involve pseudo-champagne and dancing. Ole!


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