Who’s Your Mama?

footWell, my son said his first word today. After constant babbling for a few months now, he very distinctly and deliberately said, “Dada”.

I should be ecstatic, jumping up and down. And, I am. Happy. Really.

But, honestly. Couldn’t he have said “Mama” instead?

I know saying “Dada” is supposed to be easier to say, but I’m only with the little bugger all the freakin’ time! I feed him, clothe him, bathe him, read him stories, talk to him, give him boob juice, rock him, comfort him, change him, and take him shopping. So he says, “Dada”. Thanks for the acknowledgment kiddo. Of course, my hubby is now strutting around like a peacock, grinning like a five year old with a pie all to himself. <Sigh>

Let’s see. In the past three weeks, my son has learned to crawl, got his first tooth, and said his first word. Wow! This has been a great month for him. He’s knocking out milestones like Amy Winehouse tosses back tequila shots.

I wonder what the next month will bring?

He better be saying “Mama”.



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