What Now?

Well, my hubby is officially the Man! Not only did his team win the charity hockey team (score 7-2 and a fighting major), but he also managed to snag a spa package for me courtesy of a raffle. Sweet! The last time I had a pedicure was when I was pregnant and couldn’t reach my feet. I also was in full grooming mode then since I was close to popping. I didn’t want my midwives to think I was a Neanderthal. So a trip to the spa is a nice pre-Xmas present.

Pat, pat. Swish, swish. Pat, pat. Swish, swish. Oh oh. Sounds like baby is on the move. I swear it was only a week ago that he was destined to be a late crawler, preferring to roll over to a desired destination instead. Now it is a mastered skill, requiring me to remind my husband to keep the doors closed constantly. What happened to learned behavior? At this rate, my child will be skating by Xmas. Not necessarily a bad thing…

I knew babies grew up fast. There’s a 15 year difference between me and my youngest sister. One minute I’m changing her diaper, the next minute we’re drinking martinis. But, geez. Give me a chance to process it all. Or at least take a picture. My favourite thing was having him fall asleep on my chest. Now, he’s so heavy he leaves me gasping like a porn star. That didn’t sound right…

Luckily, I’ve been diligent enough to start a scrapbook of my son – much to the envy of my other sister. It’s very Zen-like; cutting and pasting. I did learn everything I needed to know in kindergarten! If you’re too much of a perfectionist though, it can drive you mental.

Going through the myriad of pictures of my son, I realized that there are few taken with just the two of us. They’re mostly of him (natch!), some with his father, and some with various friends and relatives. I’ve realized a startling truth. Mothers are always better photographers. Now where is the Auto function on my camera?



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