We Do What? Where? When?

feedingToday is yet another day where not following the schedule has come to bite me in the ass. Let me first enlighten you as to how the day is supposed to go:

8 AM – nurse

9 AM – breakfast and playtime (which consists of reading a story, playing with toys, crawling, and watching Baby Einstein)

10:30 AM – nurse

11 AM – naptime

1 or 2 PM – lunch

3 PM -nurse and playtime (more playing with toys and crawling; sometimes we’ll go for a walk)

5 or 5:30 PM – naptime

6:30 PM – dinner, bath, nurse, then watch “Wonder Pets” and “In the Night Garden”

8 PM – bedtime

That’s it. We actually do a pretty good job of sticking to it. If I need to do any shopping, we go after lunch. But, today we decided to go to the mall after breakfast. I figured that he would sleep in his stroller. Why not? He’s done it before. Unfortunately, my baby decided that his adoring public needed to interact with him. Ergo, he was awake the whole time. I figured that it was still okay. Get home, feed him lunch, play, and then put him down to nap before dinner. No worries.

It’s 8:15 PM and he’s still asleep. ARGH! Do I wake him? Do I let him go? He’s really asleep – his mouth is open and everything. My boobs are now hard and begging for release. The pain, the pain!

I am reminded, again, of how much my life revolves my child. Sometimes it’s damn inconvenient for sure. When I was pregnant, my sister would keep telling me – put him on a schedule! It will teach your baby expectations and Swiss timing. However, any spontaneity is thrown out the window. We can’t do anything at the last minute. Any excursion, no matter how brief, requires precise packing and planning. My bag of tricks requires diapers, change pad, Vaseline, diaper cream, toys, wipes, blankets, snacks, Polysporin, an extra hoodie, socks, band-aids, a change of clothes, and digital camera (you never know!). bagDepending on where we’re going, baby food, feeding chair and playard may also be added to the mix. It feels like we’re going on safari sometimes!

Of course I wouldn’t change it for the world. After all, eventually he’ll be old enough to carry his own stuff. Right?


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