To Be Young Again


There has been massive hype and hysteria surrounding the new movie “Twilight” that’s coming out. It actually prompted me to go out and get the book. I had seen the series by Stephanie Meyers in stores for some time. I was always curious but I kept putting off purchasing any of the books. So one day I said, “Screw this. I’m getting the bloody thing”.

It was a quick read. And, surprisingly, not half-bad. But not earth-shattering either. I can see why people are going crazy over the books though. Vampires are damn sexy. Always have been. It reminds me of my high school days when Anne Rices’s “Vampire Chronicles” was required reading for the goth-angst set. There always seems to be an teen emo/goth subculture in every generation. Mmmm..

Anyway, another reason why I decided to finally read “Twilight” was the movie’s star, Robert Pattinson. My goodness he’s yummy! I see him and immediately start imagining X-rated scenarios. Then I have to slap myself silly when I realize he’s toooo young. Why I’m old enough to be his…much older sister. Granted, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind an older woman showing him a thing or two. It would be good for him. After all, older women are more confident, self-sufficient, and self-assured. How do I get in touch with his publicist?

Every time there’s a new breakout star, I feel wistful. I miss that feeling of giving someone my complete adoration. You spend countless hours reading every magazine article about them. You plaster their pictures all over your bedroom walls. You know intimate details about them that they don’t even know. When you’re fifteen you actually believe you might meet that person. They’ll realize that they don’t need another star to complete them. Why, a normal Joe-schmo is what’s missing from their lives! You’ll fall in love and live happily ever after in Tahiti surrounded by your fifteen adopted children. Obsess much?

Oh well. Now I’m a mother. I obviously can’t put posters of R-Pat up. But, I can still dream.


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