What To Do

As my son is busily crawling over the hardwood, I wonder what else I can do today. Cloudy days do not in any way motivate me to get off my butt. Yet, I know that I can still sort laundry, read a book to Caden, make a shopping list, email friends, and clean the floors. As a new mother, I know that I should be more efficient with my time. Make the most of every opportunity of downtime to get chores done. But, here I sit, typing away.

As I started this blog, it occurred to me that anyone could write anything and post it for the world to see. It wouldn’t even matter if it was true. Some people probably write anything to make themselves look more interesting, well-spoken, and illuminating. Why not create a new, more dynamic persona online? Who would be none-the-wiser? Who would you be hurting? I guess it’s a way to live vicariously. Say things you normally would not say in your everyday life. Verbal spam your higher brain would not usually allow so to speak.

For me, blogging allows me to get back into journal writing, which is something I did in university. Granted, I probably won’t post anything very revealing. But, it is still cathartic.



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parent, housewife, advocate, diva
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